The Cove: A Bloody Nightmare

Although I had heard about the horrifying documentary, I hadn’t watched The Cove until today in my Marine Biology class, and I have to say, the video lived up to its reputation for being hellish and simply shocking.

The 2 hour documentary is filmed primarily in Taiji, Japan, and is focused on a small area in the town where dolphins are mass mudered for no apparent reason. Japanese representative argue that the dolphins are used for a food source, but America scientists, and Japanese scientists alike, have determined that dolphin meat is hazardous for consumption, containing 2,000ppm of mercury.

The film is surly disturbing, but I think that everyone should see it. It certainly isn’t a family movie night pick, but if the video is seen enough, maybe there will be enough of an uprise to make a difference and begin trying to protect these innocent animals.


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