Paul McCartney: Dead? No. PR Genius? Yes.

Paul McCartney of the Beatles is known for a few things. His dreamy hair, his incredible songwriting partnership with John Lennon, and his psychedelic pop style are all contributing factors in McCartney’s superstardom. But perharps we are overlooking one thing. Has anyone other than me noticed his genius PR and marketing capabilities?

In 1969, a rumor sparked and swept the nations with the conspiracy that Paul McCartney had been killed in a 1966 car accident. Fans were tipped off by clues in album art, suspicious lyrics indicating that McCartney had died, even eerie sounds of a voice (supposedly John Lennon) making statements about McCartneys death between tracks on their records!

Now, is Paul McCartney dead? Probably not. It was really just a huge hoax that was popular in the 60’s and early 70’s, but it got people buying Beatles’ albums, and thats where McCartney has proven himself to be a marketing whiz. McCartney wasn’t dead, but he certainly wasn’t opposed to the idea of letting fans think that for awhile to increase sales!

People haven’t really thought this through yet, but hopefully sometime soon, pop culture enthusiasts realize the incredible role Paul McCartney played in his bands PR promotion. Other groups have followed suit- The Grateful Dead for example! McCartney isn’t just capable of music that soothes the soul… he has proven that!


5 responses to “Paul McCartney: Dead? No. PR Genius? Yes.

  1. This is crazy! I think its ironic how once people feel an icon has passed there is an insane need to buy their products. I agree though, I think Paul McCartney is a PR and marketing genius. I also think bands, like the Beatles set the path for many bands today as far as marketing strategies go.

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  3. Wow…got to post in honor of the late James…He taught me everything I know about the Beatles! First off…genius is an understatement! Even if he is dead (which is a huge possiblity) I think the Beatles are genius! Everyone knows when artists die their sales sky-rocket (Micheal Jackson hello!). But for the Beatles to stretch it out this long, is def a marketing strategy that they are very successful at doing. I agree that this will be something many bands will kick themselves in the face for not copying!
    Posting in memory of a great man!

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