From Spectators to Spect-haters

I was recently at my boyfriend’s lacrosse game when I took notice to a unique group of human beings in attendance. It was hard for anyone to not notice them, really. A group of students from the opposing school showed up to the game to support their team, thats kosher, right? That was the same reason we were there, to support our team. But the situation became a bit more hostile when these fans became uncontrollably obnoxious and down right rude.

It a little healthy competition and important part of athletics? Sure. But where is the line drawn for what is appropriate and what is just not okay? This group of supporters would have been welcomed gladly, but their obscenities and personal jabs at the opposing players created a tension that was unnecessary and uncomfortable for everyone else involved.

15 minutes into the game, people who had begun their spectating as neutral bystanders were actively cheering for our team, just to try and counteract the rude and degrading remarks that were coming from the inappropriate fan base. They had even been using the programs provided to shout out the names of our players paired with obscenities and rude names.

This is not very good PR for that lacrosse team, or the college itself for that matter. Their ill-behaved fan base established a bad name for their entire institution, which goes to show that these days, whether its an official representative of your company or  not, anyone can represent your name: in a positive or negative light!


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