BP: Still F-ing Up, A Year Later

It has been a year now since the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and although there has been a substantial improvement made to the affected ares, what has happened to the image of BP?

Even though a year has passed, people haven’t forgotten about the big whoopise-daisy that caused the Gulf of Mexico to fill with toxic oil and kill a huge population of marine animals and plants. I recently read a print article similar to this one from the Huffington Post,  stating that a new outrage has come about from the accident that took place a year ago.

The spill is allegedly causing hundreds of dolphin deaths off the coast of Florida, outraging nature lovers and animal protection activists everywhere. These activists have even pressured the U.S. government to press charges on BP to compensate for the mass dolphin murders.

This is a PR nightmare for BP. If it wasn’t bad enough that their brand has been under constant criticism for a year now, they are now responsible for killing dolphins, brining more bad press to their name. They just cant catch a break, can they?


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