Videos Gone Viral

Ten years ago, if you wanted to get famous, you had to meet one of a few qualifications. You had to have: A. an unsurpassable singing voice that could serenade the souls of angels B. the ability to make the opposite sex scream at the top of their lungs with your sexy pop dancing skills, or C. a daddy who owns a world famous hotel company.

But now in the age of the Internet, celebrity status can be accomplished overnight. We have seen proof of this again and again, through stars like Antoine Dodson (see video imbedded below) and David (from David after dentist). These average joes became a YouTube sensation when their home videos went viral.

What make a video viral? The mass consumption of a video in a short period of time makes a video viral, ultimately resulting and fame and sometimes even fortune for the parties involved.

I have included some of my favorite viral videos here, and I’ve given brief explanations of why I think they have been so popular. I have noticed that viral videos typically fit into one of a few themes; they are either hysterical, shocking, or just super cute.

Why do you think these videos have launched their characters to superstardom?

The Bed Intruder Song

The Bed Intruder Song has over 79,000,000 views! I think this video has taken off because of its humor.  This is the perfect example of a funny viral video that has taken off because of its comical nature.

Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy

This little boy is precious, and his video has become viral because of how down right adorable it is!

JK Wedding Dance Entrance

This video was brought to my attention by one of my friends who is getting married soon- as you can imagine, she wants to duplicate this type of wedding. This video has almost 65,000,000 views, and I think its popularity is caused by shock value and how cool it is!

Viral videos make life interesting! They give us something to talk about, and in a world where social medias are becoming more and more dominant, I wouldnt be surprised if we see a huge boom in viral videos for advertisement strategy!


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