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#1. Top 10 Things to Give Up for Lent

Zack, I couldn’t agree with you more on the 3rd item you’ve listed. I saw the apocalypse predicting “evangelists” (if that’s really what they are calling themselves) at the Gasparilla Festival in Tampa equipped with huge signs claiming that everyone was going to hell. I am a PR student, and I cant help but wonder what devastating effects a campaign like this can have on PR for the Christian church. In my opinion, its not very good PR to threaten people and tell them they are going to hell. Maybe an approach that offers understanding and optimism would be a more effective approach. Just a thought. -Alexa

#2. One and a Half Men

Lex, I also wrote a PR Connection on Charlie Sheen! It seems like he is all people are talking about right now. I agree with you on how it always seems like someone is being criticized by the media. I saw that you mentioned Brittany Spears in your post. Similarly, I talked about LiLo and Mel Gibson. They are all examples of how gossip agencies like TMZ can take a respected celebrity and change American opinion on that person over night. Sometimes we forget that these celebs are human beings too! The press expects them to be too perfect sometimes! Good post! -Lexi

#3. What’s My Dad Doing on Facebook?

Awesome post! I can completely relate to this post and I agree that it seems strange to be friends with your parents on Facebook. Both of my parents are on Facebook and I am friends with both of them. I liked how you mentioned that you are closer with your parents online than you are in real life. I feel the same way! At first I thought it was awkward that “old people” like my parents wanted to be on a social media site made originally for college students. But now, I am grateful to be able to communicate with them so often with such little effort! -Alexa

#4. Twitter 101: A Twitter Users Guide

Thanks for the tip! I have been on Twitter for about two years now and even though we have talked about it in my social media classes I still cant fully get the hang of it! The link you posted was incredibly helpful and it really answered some of my questions about how Twitter works!

#5. Can Creative Product Placement Be a Win-Win?

This seems like its going to be a very interesting film and I look forward to following up to see how successful it is! I have learned a lot about product placement in my advertising courses and since then have noticed that its everywhere! I agree that product placement is a win-win so long as the featured product does not compromise the integrity of the film and the editorial staff. Good post!

#6. Is It Only Spam If The Other Guy Does It?

Good post! I couldn’t agree more. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that companies and non-profits that have my email address are selling them to lists for profit. I get emails from new non-profits every day asking me for contributions! It is making me hesitant to give out my email or even want to make purchases online that require my email. I agree with Peter Campbell’s above comment when he said, “‘it’s your fault because you gave your email address out” that it equates to “it’s your fault your house was robbed because you have a house”. I liked that analogy.

#7. Get… Smarter

Look at you Joe! You’re such a smartie. This post was awesome, I never saw this commercial until now and I am glad that I did. There is no doubt that the power of viral videos is incredible, and for Smartwater to try and recreate this feel with an advertisement is really creative! Keenan Cahill was a nice touch! Good job!

#8. Tweet Your Speech

Good post Megan! During the State of the Union address, I too was at home reading live tweets. I think Barack Obama is really an interactive president, and it means a lot to the people of our generation. I really value Obama’s social media presence and I think that it is likely that he wrote the speech to be Twitter friendly. Good thought.




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