Social Media Bookmarking and Diigo


I have recently created an account with Diigo, a social book-marking site that I’m sure will prove to be a resourceful forum for me in the near future. I have attached a link to my Diigo account, which includes a variety of social bookmarks like my favorite blogs, important social media sites, and pages that I have stumbled across and found interesting.

This site in the short time that I have had it has already provided me the opportunities to bookmark some really interesting sites that I have come across. I have also used to site to bookmark some of my old favorites to make them all readily available in one location.

To visit my Diigo click: here!

Diigo provides a unique opportunity for people to share the social media sites that they find the most intriguing. This resource can be especially useful for students, especially those working in groups. Recently, I have been working on a research proposal for my qualitative research class, and although we have not yet utilized Diigo, I think my group members will be open to the idea of sharing links on Diigo.

Say I am researching our topic, and I find some really great academic articles that are really relevant to our thesis and would be really useful for my group mates. All I have to do is bookmark the article and my peers can access the article from anywhere by simply signing onto my Diigo and opening my bookmark. So simple, right?

Diigo’s benefits can also reach far past the classroom. Pre-professional organizations like Florida Public Relations Association and AdFed can create Diigo accounts to share professional articles amongst themselves and learn as much a they can from each other. If an organization was having a guest speaker come, Diigo would be a good way for them to share that speakers work so they can all become familiar with the speaker before his arrival.

Sites like Diigo can be utilized by people in all walks of life, especially PR professionals and students! Hopefully social bookmarking sites like this will catch on and become more popular!


2 responses to “Social Media Bookmarking and Diigo

  1. I think you are completely correct in saying that Diggo is a great tool to use! When I first signed up I was hesitant but playing around with it has lead to me to realize how valuable it can be and I think its something most students should use. In my opinion once more people find out about social bookmarking it will catch like wildfire!

  2. I totally agree with you Lexi. I have been meaning to set up a Diigo account as well. I have heard that it is an awesome way to easily access all of you favorite sites and share them with others. That is a really intuitive tool that could be used for so many things.

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