Sheen Madness

Anyone who has tuned into a radio show or television program lately has heard the news of the devastating downward spiral that actor Charlie Sheen has been suffering through.

We can’t get enough Charlie. Broadcasters and celebrity coverage agencies, like TMZ (whose cover page even features Sheen), have all hopped on the Charlie Sheen publicity train and we haven’t really heard much that doesn’t involve Sheen and his drug consuming, tantrum throwing antics. But is Sheen really the most interesting thing going on right now, or is he just a victim of the “celebrity crazy-guy trend” that popular gossip columnists seem to be creating?

I have noticed that when the media gets hooked on a celebrity, they never drop it until there is another celebrity screw-up to transfer their attention to. We have gone from Paris Hilton, to Lindsay Lohan, to Mel Gibson, and now we are onto Charlie Sheen. When is it going to get old? Videos like the one below are sweeping the  Internet, displaying a Sheen freak out. Entertaining? Absolutely. But how is this negative publicity going to effect the famous actor’s career?

We are wasting valuable media space for gossip about which celebrities are doing drugs and who is sleeping with who, when it could be utilized in a far more efficient manner. Two and a Half Men, a popular sitcom featuring Sheen and a dynamic cast of comedians, has recently been taken off the air due to the erratic behavior of Charlie Sheen, which was probably the contributing factor as to why this celebrity disaster is so heavily publicized. But, clearly the need for PR professionals in Hollywood is an urgent matter since targeted celebrities are so incapable of damage control.

Celebrities are in the limelight, all the time. Having a PR professional at hand to counteract damaging TMZ footage and gossip columns can be the difference between being a respected member of the industry, or the laughing stock of all of Tinseltown.

Hollywood is always victimizing someone, who will be next?



2 responses to “Sheen Madness

  1. Wow! Girl you took off in this post! I can sense some aggrevation! LOL! I just love it! But seriously I couldn’t agree with you more. Charlie Sheen got 1 million followers in little over a day…is having tons of followers the only reason we use Twitter? Or do we use it as a tool to share and connect? Yeah he really proved just how social media can be spinned to suit your personal needs…in his case it was attention. But I agree we need to stop wasting time and space covering foolishness. I would love to know how the gov’t bout to lower gas prices over Charlie Sheen! Great post!

    Kudos from a Vixen!

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