PROpenMic: A PR Student’s Most Valuable Resource

I have recently subscribed to PROpenMic for my Social Media for Public Relations course, but I think that this site will prove to be very helpful to me not only as a PR student but even as I move into a career in PR.

PR OpenMic is a forum for students, as well as public relations professors and even actively working PR professionals to network with a common interest; PR. It provides a social networking opportunity similar to Facebook and LinkedIn, but unlike these sites, it provides its account holders with the opportunity to utilize others and learn the exciting and helpful things that others in the PR field have to offer.

The benefits of PROpenMic can be invaluable to students in particular because it offers the ability to “friend” some of the most successful professionals in the field. The creator of the site, Robert French, has blossomed the account to the resourceful and awesome PR forum that it is today and within only a few years, the site has managed to gain almost 7,000 members.

The site even features a “Jobs and Internships” section where employment-seeking members can explore potential job opportunities. Building a positive social media presence, I have found, plays a huge role in landing a decent PR job after graduation. My professor, Barbara Nixon, gave my class a lecture on social media presence and since then I have been very conscious about the things I have posted.

PROpenMic is a phenomenal resource for students to use to not only build up their social media presence, but to learn as much as they can from the brilliant minds in the field of PR that have made themselves accessible through this site.


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