Podcasts in Education

In my time as an undergraduate PR student, I have learned multitudes of resourceful and relevant information from my professors that will be practical for me to utilize in a career setting in the near future. My professors have utilized engaged learning to ensure that I am getting the most out of my undergraduate education, and I will go into the workplace confident and prepared for a successful career. But in a generation where podcasts and webinars are so easily accessible, there really is no limit to the amount of information one can absorb not only as a student, but even after graduation and on into the corporate world.

A study done at The University of Southern Mississippi called the Pilot Project studied student aptitude in regards to podcasting and how podcasts can be used in the classroom. The study found that statistically, students were interested in “accessing instructional materials” by podcast. 79% of students were in fact in favor of the use of podcasts in educational endeavors. The slideshow below offers more of the Pilot Project’s findings:

My generation is no longer limited to the material we learn from our college faculty alone, but we can now venture out into the minds of public relations professionals everywhere with the click of a mouse. Podcasts can play an integral role in the process of preparing for a career in PR. Resourceful podcasts can be found in almost any subject area, and are free to listen to for anyone.

SocialMediaTrader* references that according to In-Stat, almost 275 million people will have access to a portable media player in 2011. That is an overwhelming number of potential listeners and to think that such a multitude of people could have access to a your podcast is definitely an incentive to share your knowledge with the world. Not only are you enlightening the minds of others with your unique perspective on public relations ideas, but creating a prepared and professional podcast presence can help build your identity and credibility as a social media and public relations professional. The benefits of podcasting are applicable to everyone, and can develop the way educators teach the young minds of today and tomorrow.


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