Imported From Detroit

Every year, countless Americans glue themselves to the nearest TV set to bear witness to the biggest annual sporting event in the U.S.

The Super Bowl hype is instilled in the hearts of all football fans, regardless of whether their own teams are playing on the most prestigious gridiron of all time. This pre-game excitement, however, is not just in anticipation of the pigskin passing and the touchdown celebration, but it also comes from the annual tradition of hilarious and creative advertisements.

This season, one particular Super Bowl advertisement resonated with me because of its impacting nature and its appeal to my particular generation. The ad was for Chrysler and it featured rapper and recording artist Marshal Mathers, commonly known as Eminem.

This ad features the most brilliant and well put together copy I have ever heard by far. It is powerful and draws in viewers to make them feel what its like to be in Detriot. I have never been to the steel city, but watching this commercial provided me with a feeling like I had been there before.

The cinematography of this ad is very well done, and I thought the camera angles gave it a unique, movie like feel.

What I believe to be the most original thing about this ad was its ability to appeal to my generation. Chrysler is a luxury vehicle that sells primarily to an older audience. What this ad is trying to do, I think, is to take a car that is normally not driven by the 20-35 year old market, and make it appeal to that specific target audience. The copy writers accomplish this by including Eminem, who has been a platinum artist for the majority of the last decade, and establishing a connection between the rapper and the Chrysler 300.

Because this commercial gives my generation the ability to correlate between Chrysler and the fresh and hip artist Eminem, I think that the advertisers will achieve their goal of establishing the brand to be a luxury car for drivers of all ages. I loved this ad and I hope that it will up the anti for Super Bowl advertisements to come.


2 responses to “Imported From Detroit

  1. Lex, this was by far my favorite commercial of the super bowl, and I agree I think it’s best quality is that it appealed to our generation as well as older generations. The copy grabs and holds the attention of the viewer which I think is the most important part of an ad, especially one that is aired during the Super Bowl where the viewers are usually occupied with other things. This commercial put Detroit in a new light and made people want to hear more about the Chrysler car.

  2. I agree, Lex. What I loved about the ad is that they showcased Eminem, who is also from Detroit, to spark the interest of our generation. Some of my friends and I who watched the ad together also thought that it was kind of ballsy for Chrysler to feature an artist who is known for explicit lyrics and publicity scandals! I loved it, but it could have caused a ruckus from parents and FCC enthusiasts! Just a thought.
    Thanks for your feedback!

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