CrunchIsCalling Has People Talking

It has become obvious to anyone who is involved in the social medias that companies are starting to understand the power of the groundswell. Not only have all varieties of companies established an online presence for themselves, but many of them have also been exploring creative ways to energize their product by utilizing the social medias.

Wheat Thins has come up with a fresh and innovative advertising campaign, CrunchIsCalling, that ties in Twitter with the use of their product. The commercials that I have embedded in this post are from the campaign and display the creative strategy that is sure to be duplicated by other companies in the near future.

In these commercials, Wheat Thins has incorporated Twitter into their advertisements. The ads feature a crew from Wheat Thins reading tweets about their product, than going out, finding these tweeters, and giving them a palate of Wheat Thins.

Now, why is this effective? Because when people see this commercial it makes them start tweeting about Wheat Thins, hopeful that they might be one of the lucky ones chosen to receive a visit from the Wheat Thins crew. Wheat Thins has found a way to get people to talk about their product on social media sites. This cant be considered anything other than sheer genius on the creative director’s behalves.

Another element that adds to the commercial’s effectiveness can be seen in the second embedded video, which is that the company took the initiative to respond to a tweet that read, “Hey @CrunchIsCalling I think the Wheat Thins commercials are UBER FAKE. How do they find people off their tweets?” Because this tweet had a negative connotation, the Wheat Thins CrunchIsCalling crew paid the tweeter a visit to prove the authenticity of their candid visits.

I think this is an incredible way to energize your product and the communities that use your product and get people talking about your product on social media sites. Bravo, Wheat Thins!


3 responses to “CrunchIsCalling Has People Talking

  1. I think this is a great way to get people talking about a certain product. One of the fastest ways to spread anything is through word of mouth and twitter is definitely a place to get people talking about stuff. When people see someone talking about the product they might start to crave them and go out and by them, great strategy. I thought it was very funny that they went out and made a commercial to show that it was real. Great post!

  2. Thanks for your feedback! I thought this was a brilliant strategy also!

  3. Great post! I agree that this is a great strategy. Not only is Wheat Thins energizing its product and using social media, it really shows it cares about its customers, and it’s interested in listening. It definitely helps shape the way people look at Wheat Thins now and the way it communicates with its customers.

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