Ethics of Social Media

Since the creation of the Internet, the way we interact with each other and with corporations has substantially changed. Customers who sustained a bad experience with a company were limited in the amount of people that they could influence with their negative reviews. But now, in a world where millions of people are only a click of a mouse away, a negative review on a company or product can be viewed by an overwhelming amount of potential consumers.

This can cause a devastating shift of morale for a company, and because a negative review tends to hold more weight than a positive one, it is essential that companies know what is being said about them on social media sites.

 Those who actively participate in social medias, especially those who lack good discretion and censorship capabilities, can surely consider the monitoring of social media an invasion of privacy. Isn’t the point of social media, however, to make the world aware of your opinions and experiences? When we choose to be involved in social medias, we choose not only to make ourselves available to anyone else with access to a computer, but it’s also up to us to decide what we are going to post. 

I believe that it is completely acceptable for companies to utilize social media monitoring to better their customer experience. If companies were completely unaware of their customer’s dissatisfactions, how could they ever improve in the areas in which they are sub par?

 Jason Falls says in his article, Why Social Media Demands Professional Ethics, that “Social media is as much about building relationships with your customers as anything else.” I’d have to agree with this in that social media is an outlet for customers to build trust for the companies in which they are involved.

Customers should be able to post their dissatisfactions and be able to trust that companies are going to take the criticisms constructively and improve their products or services. Social media monitoring, in my opinion, is ethical and should be utilized to make companies the best that they can be so that customers can get the most out of their experiences with such a company.


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