Social [Media] Butterfly…

Facebook: Facebook functions as my procrastination machine. I use it to keep in touch with friends and family, but mainly to keep me entertained when my life has nothing better going on. It keeps me feeling close to my friends, even when they are 1,000 miles away at another college. There are also a good amount of my family members on Facebook, including my grandparents and my 14-year-old little brother. If it weren’t for the good ole’ book of faces, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with these people nearly as much, which is why I value this particular social media so much.

Twitter: Primarily, I use Twitter for keeping up with my favorite musicians and entertainers. I have recently begun using Twitter to connect with companys and brands that I like, and I am exploring the opportunities that Twitter can provide as far as promotional benefits and free stuff! I was very interested to find out about the cool things that my professor, Barbara Nixon, has won or received just from re-tweeting promotional codes and sales messages. I am still new to Twitter and there are some things that I still don’t understand about it, but I’m working on learning how to navigate around Twitter better.

YouTube: I use YouTube for entertainment purposes mostly. Who doesn’t love watching people make idiots of themselves? Occasionally, I utilize the site for “how-to” videos. YouTube has become a secondary search engine for me, and I use it often to look up informative videos on anything from how to fold dinner napkins to explaining how geomagnetic anomalies are created for my biology class.

LinkedIn: I use LinkedIn to network with potential employers and people in the field of communication. I feel like this will help me build my professional presence and the site will keep me in the loop with what is going on with jobs in the industry.


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